Electro-Cap Center B.V. is authorized dealer of MediFactory's BrainWave cap. The BrainWave cap is specially designed for improving your lab results significantly in a fast and affordable manner.

64Ch BrainWave cap

Adjustable elastic straps

Inside of the cap

Outside of the cap

The benefits of a BrainWave Cap:

- No tangling cables inside or outside the cap that can get in the way
- Low profile electrodes with soft rings to offer maximum comfort
- Each electrode individually labeled with position name (Fp1, Fz, Fp2, GND, etc…)
- Predetermined, precise electrode positions, eliminating need to mark patients head and assure accurate fast cap placement
- Swift connection to EEG system thru special EBA cable (Electrode Board adapter)
- Recording can start in only a few minutes even with minimum patient preparation
- Cap made of durable breathing fabric with adjustable front and back elastic straps to “fine-tune” fit
- Layouts according International standards (10-20, 10-10) or on request customized
- Easy connection to EEG device with Electrode Board Adapter
- Filling electrodes with conductive gel* from the outside with blunt needle
- Simple cleaning and maintaining

* Ask for special gel formula to reduce impedances in seconds after applying gel.

Technical features:

- DC stable, sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes for long term recordings, re-chlorination not required
- Cap made of breathing and moisture wicking fabric for maximum comfort
- 15 cap sizes from Neonates (24-27cm) up to Adults (58-62cm)
- Low profile (5mm) electrodes incorporating replaceable soft rubbers rings for more comfort
- Caps with shielded and unshielded cables available
- Cables outside the cap to the connector are protected by flexible braided sleeve
- Unshielded cables have a 25 or 37Pole Sub-D connector and are compatible with most EEG systems when using standard Electrode Board Adapter cable.
- Shielded cables have special design 68P high density connectors and need a special Electrode Board Adapter cable
- Standard cable length 1.8M, any other length on request available
- Up to 256 electrodes per cap, refer to BrainWave Cap size chart for more details
- Cable exit in the neck or on request any other position
- Marked and unmarked board adapter cables to accommodate any situation
- BrainWave caps are compatible with most EEG systems and ANT WaveGuard Cap systems

BrainWave cap sizes:

Determine the required cap size by measuring the head circumference and look at the size chart (below) to see what size BrainWave cap you require.


In situations of 64 or more electrodes you should consider the use of caps with intermediate sizes (M-L, S-M, S-X-S).
This will improve the patient comfort and extend the functional life-span of your cap!


X- small caps will fit most children from 8-9 months up to 2 years, Small caps will fit children from 2 years up to 5 years, Medium-Large caps will fit most patients of 5 years and older.

Adult caps have a pair of colored soft Velcro straps that will hold the cap secure and comfortably under the chin.

The color of the Velcro is also used as an indicator for the size of the cap:

Following color combinations of both straps are possible:

Strap 1 Strap 2 Cap Size

Adult caps can have a maximum of approx. 256 electrodes on a large cap.

Any other layout or electrode quantity is on request possible.


Infant cap sizes start from Newborns up to approximately 5 years.

These caps do have also Velcro straps and are color coded as following:

Strap 1 Strap 2 Cap Size
Infant 3
Infant 2
Infant 1


Neonate Caps have textile straps from same fabric as cap at each side of head. These straps can be used to make a loose knot to keep cap at its place.

To optimize the fit, elastic straps are incorporated in the front and back to adjust the size.

Neonate caps do not have colored Velcro straps but instead a number at the side of each cap. The number corresponds with cap size:

If required, Neonate caps can be supplied with openings at position Fp1 and Fp2 instead of these electrodes.
These slots can be used for IV- lines, sensor cables or other leads needed.

Number Cap size / neonate age
1 Neo 1 / 24-27 weeks
2 Neo 2 / 27-30 weeks
3 Neo 3 / 30-34 weeks
4 Neo 4 / 34-37 weeks
5 Neo 5 / 37-43 weeks


All above mentioned sizes / age indications are for reference only. The head size should always be measured before applying any cap.

BrainWave cap electrodes:

All electrodes are made of sintered silver/silver-chlorinated (Ag/AgCl) grains that ensures a DC stable recording even over long time of recording.

Sintered electrodes never need to be re-chlorinated and last longer then any other type of electrode material.

Depending on cap size a maximum of 256 electrodes can be placed, see the BrainWave cap size chart for more details.

Standard cable length is 1,8 metres, measured from the neck, other lengths are available on request.

Caps with unshielded cables can have a maximum of 37 electrodes per connector and 34 electrodes for shielded leads.

The maximum number of electrodes is determined by the size of a cap.

In the BrainWave size chart you can see the maximum amount of electrodes per cap size.

In the exceptional event of a faulty electrode, we supply separate “plug-in” electrode cables to do a quick repair.

All caps are serviceable and repaired caps are returned to customer within 5 working days after receipt.

Customized caps:

BrainWave caps can also be supplied as customized caps with different layouts, connectors etc.

Send your requirements to info[at] and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

BrainWave cap standard electrode layouts:

Standard available electrode layouts are:

21 channel
24 channel
32 channel
64 channel
128 channel
256 channel

Contact Eletro-Cap Center B.V. for detailed overview of electrode layouts.

Electrode Board Adapter (EBA)

BrainWave caps are connected to an EEG system by using one or more EBA cable’s (depending on number of electrodes in cap). This will enable you to prepare the patient away from the EEG system and hook-up the cap to the system within seconds.

All leads of an EBA have are 30cm long and have individual numbers for easy identification and fast hookup to any EEG head box.

On request we can provide EBA’s with longer leads and electrode positions printed instead of numbers.

Following EBA’s are available for caps with unshielded leads:

- 25 Pole SUB-D plug (male)
- 37 Pole SUB-D plug (male)

Unshielded EBA’s have Touch Proof (DIN style) plugs that fit in any EEG head box.

Following EBA’s are available for caps with shielded leads:

- 68 Pole High Density plug

Shielded EBA’s have Micro coax plugs that fit to EEG systems with coaxial connections.

Contact Electro-Cap Center B.V. to check if your system is compatible to our shielded BrainWave cap.